Facts about Hearing

Why the way you hear is fascinating

Think about it. All of the components of this intricately designed process must work at peak function to carry waves in the air around you to your brain, where they are understood as distinct sounds. Hearing allows you to communicate, learn, experience, and enjoy the world around you.

The following are ten fun facts about hearing:

  1. The smallest bones are the ossicles in the middle ear: the incus, the malleus, and the stapes (also called the anvil, hammer, and stirrup).

  2. The inner ear is no larger than a pencil eraser in circumference.

  3. Your sense of hearing is dependent upon tiny hairs deep inside your ear. If you lose these hairs, you lose your hearing.

  4. You do not need to clean wax out of your ears unless you have an abnormal condition. Ears push excess wax out as needed.

  5. The majority of individuals suffering from hearing loss are under the age of 65.

  6. The number one cause of hearing loss is exposure to excessively loud sounds (85 decibels or higher).

  7. Your hearing can be damaged permanently even after a single incident of exposure to extremely loud noise (shotgun blast, explosion, etc.).

  8. Your ears never stop hearing, even when you sleep. Your brain just ignores incoming sounds.

  9. Your ears are more than just necessary for hearing; they also help you keep your balance.

  10. Not all living creatures hear with ears. Snakes use jawbones, fish respond to pressure changes, and male mosquitoes use antennae.

What Is An Audiologist?

An audiologist is a person with specialized training (at least a Master's degree in Audiology) qualified to provide professional assistance concerning communication problems associated with hearing impairment. Such an individual specializes in the prevention, identification, assessment and rehabilitation of hearing impairment.

Audiologists are certified by the American Speech/Language and Hearing Association (ASHA). ASHA awards certification to audiologists (9 months after graduation). The State of Iowa requires that audiologists meet these requirements prior to licensure from the Iowa Board of Speech/Language Pathology and Hearing Examiners. Finally, to dispense hearing aids, the audiologist must also meet the requirements of the Iowa Board of Hearing Aid Dealers.

The Latest Techonology in Hearing Aids and Accessories

High Tech Innovations Make it Easier to Hear Better

As an independent hearing aid clinic, we fit patients with hearing aids from several prestigious companies – among them Siemens, Phonak, Starkey, Widex, and ReSound. We are not locked into just one, as some franchises are. We can recommend hearing aids from the company and model that best suit your particular hearing loss.

Lately, we have found the state-of-the-art hearing aid technology at Siemens (Signia) to be excellent. The new digital hearing aids help wearers understand speech in demanding listening situations. Studies have shown that sometimes, you might even be hearing better than people with “normal hearing.”

Siemens hearing aid accessories are also here and ready to blow you away. If you have a hearing loss, hearing aids programmed to your particular loss will help you hear much better. With the newest accessories, you can also do it EASILY.

The new easyTek and easy Tek App allow you to stream a phone call, TV show or music DIRECTLY TO YOUR EARS. Worn around your neck (over or under your clothing) the easyTek acts as a remote control and streams what you want to hear directly into your ears.  [I don’t wear hearing aids, but I’d love to have the ability to do this!] Also, if you have an Android or iOS smartphone, you can also use your phone to adjust programs and the volume of your hearing aid or zoom in on the person next to you at the restaurant, AND no one will know what you’re doing. It’s that discreet!

The feedback has been amazing. Patients who have purchased Siemens hearing aids and accessories are thrilled with them.

If you want to “test drive” either new, advanced hearing aids or the latest accessories, please call us to set up an appointment (641) 683-3277! We have been in business for nearly 30 years. We love serving the public and helping people hear as well as possible. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.