12 Signs That You Need Your Hearing Checked

  1. Other people (especially your nearest and dearest) say you you’re not hearing very well – over and over again.

  2. You can’t tell what tree the bird is singing from. Heck, you’re not even sure it is a bird. (Sound location is a challenge with hearing loss.)

  3. Your TV volume is making your family’s ears ring.

  4. Pardon (or what, eh, huh) is your favorite word.

  5. You get nervous in a waiting room, because maybe you won’t hear your name called.

  6. People wave at you to get your attention. (You thought perhaps they were being friendly?)

  7. Parties are no fun anymore, because you have trouble carrying on a conversation (due to background noise).

  8. Your family doctor says your hearing is normal ‘for your age’, but that means you need your hearing checked.

  9. You need people to face you when they speak. You read lips, not the back of heads.

  10. The high, sweet voices of young children are also incomprehensible.

  11. Music and bells are playing in your head – but you’re not connected to a music player.

  12. Romantic ambiance means having all the lights on so you can understand your partner’s love-words.