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Hearing is an important part of everyday life, yet most people don’t even think twice about what it means to be able to hear well. Chatting with friends, listening to the sounds of nature, enjoying music, or hearing warning signals — with perfect hearing they can all be taken for granted.

Hearing plays an important role in how your child relates to their surroundings. It helps them form relationships and opens up a wealth of sensory experiences. It is also very complex and extremely sensitive.

So make sure you and your child give it the attention it deserves.

Signs of hearing loss.

Hearing loss generally develops slowly over many years, so the effects only become apparent gradually. This makes it difficult to recognize when you are actually losing your hearing. In fact, relatives, friends, or work colleagues are often the first to realize that something is wrong.

However, you’re probably here because you’ve already noticed signs that your hearing is not as dependable as it should be. You’ve begun avoiding phone calls because it’s too hard to understand the person at the other end of the line. Or you feel exhausted after social gatherings from straining to keep up with conversations.

These are all typical symptoms of hearing loss. But don’t panic! Hearing loss is not something you simply have to endure. You can — and should — do something about it.

Many people find it hard to come to terms with the idea of wearing hearing aids. They put off the decision and only do something about it when the problems associated with poor hearing become too much to ignore.

The sooner you do something about hearing loss, the better. Even when hearing is just starting to deteriorate, hearing aids help to maintain the neural pathways in your brain responsible for hearing all the sounds around you. The longer you put off wearing hearing aids, the harder it will be to get used to them when you eventually do. More importantly, the longer you wait, the more you’ll miss out on in life.

Ready to find a solution?

Being able to hear well again has many positive effects. Studies show that the large majority of hearing aid wearers are very or extremely satisfied with their hearing aids. Experienced users report that their ability to socialize, along with their physical and mental well-being, have improved markedly. They feel fitter and much more ready to take on new things.

Be open to new hearing experiences. It will improve your quality of life.